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  • Cameroon Forum | Together We Build
  • Cameroon Forum | Together We Build
  • Cameroon Forum | Together We Build
  • Cameroon Forum | Together We Build
  • Cameroon Forum | Together We Build
  • Cameroon Forum | Together We Build

Welcome to CF Community Portal, the electronic-platform manifestation of the range of groups and interests of the Cameroon diaspora community in the E.U.

Cameroon Forum acknowledges that the presence of Cameroon diaspora in Europe and USA represents a qualified and motivated resource base of investors, consumers, experts network that should have strategic leverage for development partnership between the host and home countries - Cameroon and EU.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

The presence of highly-qualified African nationals in industrialized countries has been largely characterised as the result of a “brain drain”. However, the “brain drain” could be explained simply as an outcome of a gradual process of cognitive and social integration in which the academic/university and economic policy systems in the host countries play a key role.

Thus the resource-based view of development has a direct lesson on policies concerning the reverse flow of skills (“brain gain”). The regulation and monitoring of the flow or transfer of skills and expert resource cannot be devised without taking into account the platforms where diaspora can be engaged, the nature of the organisations that enable the creation and coordination of ways to map (locate, identify, quantify, monitor, communicate with and mobilize) groups into knowledge and professional networks for engagement. Mapping the Cameroon diaspora is a key objective of Cameroon Forum.

The Community portal aims to serve the Cameroonian and Friends of Cameroon community.

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India Cardiac Surgery Consultants

India Cardiac Surgery Consultants

Cardiac surgery deals with fixing a number of cardiac ailments of different nature and types. These include both the minimall.. Read · More

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