Executive Team and Directors

The Management Team of Cameroon Forum is based in London and headed by a Chairman. Members are accomplished individuals who contribute to the realization of the organization's objectives from their expertise. The current Committee comprises of:

Name Position/Title
Chris Nasah Chair
Delphine Oben Vice Chair
Vacant Secretary
Charmant Bassengue (Acting) Treasurer
Kevin Bissong Project Director Cameroon Festival
Bonny Ngwana, Jean-Paul Fotso, Marie-Therese Ngini Assistant Directors
Bella Tchombe Project Director Database & networks
Alex Asewando Project Director Enterprise
Alex Kouam assisted by W2M/CSU Project Director Youth
Mirabelle Ade Cameroon Forum Foundation Coordinator
Mirabel Ade - Cameroon Forum Executive

Mirabel Ade - Director and trustee of the CF Foundation (Charity)

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